Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chapter 2: Page 048

Sorry the new stuff took so long to get up, guys. Between preparations for San Diego Comic-Con, my honeymoon, and my most recent animated thingy, it became borderline impossible to finish everything and keep updating the comic. That's the necessary little evil with meeting deadlines, I gotta put certain things on backburner mode. But I can promise you guys this, in these rare times when I have to put BH on hold, it'll never be for too much more than a month.

Good news is, Battle Holiday updates are back to 1 or 2 updates a week.

So, speaking of the hiatus, here's the thing that kept me away for so long. It's my entry into Rob Schrab's "Scud Fan Film Contest". Schrab's work was one of my biggest influences from childhood. Now, I draw inspiration from his directorial work as well as the comics of old, so I thought I'd marry the two. Robot Bastard is Schrab's first film, and I love it as well, so I decided Scud and Robot Bastard should hang out and shoot things... here's how that turned out.

By the way, for the really bad-ass Scud fans, this little short takes place between Scud #24 and 25 in the Horse saga.

Anyway, already working on the next page.