Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chapter 1: Page 023

These pages along with the very first bar scene were finished up for last year's San Diego Comic Con. They are placed in that like they happen one after the other in the book, but in reality those scenes were always far apart. I did add some stuff between them when I went back in (bare in mind that the pencils for the first bit of the book were done my senior year in high school, 5 years ago) but the things I added were only to improve the narrative, or at least make it more boring. (jk)

This is where the book really becomes what it's meant to be.

Chapter 1: Page 022

Shit just got real.

Plush is a character I came up with around the 8th grade. He was originally a stuffed rabbit in an otherwise human world, but I grew so much as an artist in the three years after that, I had to start something new, and Plush was too good a character to leave behind. He's definitely my favorite, and sort of shares the spotlight for central character with Chi-Bunny. I'd like to some day make something where he's the primary hero, but for now, his rivalry with Chi-Bunny is definitely more than enough.

Sad to see Blood-Tor go so soon? Don't worry, there are plenty of death-hungry little critters to go around.